This category is for the courses that are specifically designed for online learning.  Additional content and tutorials are provided to assist in remote learning.


In this course we have several video guides which go through all the setup procedures to get your ZP2 or 2X panel working on the complimentary FireGraFix platform. As you will see from the videos, everything is self registration and setup can be from any device that has a web browser. In no time you will be up and running and both you and your customer will have accurate information of what the fire system is doing.

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FFE are world renowned specialists in a wide range of industry leading Beam and Flame detectors.

The Fireray range of beam detectors protect a wide range of buildings across the world. Their simplicity and reliability make them consistently popular.  Both addressable and conventional variants are available from G2. 

In an effort to make installation of these vital specialist detection devices, we have created a portal for all the information you will need to successfully install, commission and maintain these versatile detectors. 

Basic introduction course to electronic fire detection principles. The first half of the course looks at the methods used by the industry to detect and annunciate fires. The second half of the course looks at the rules (SANS10139) on device placement to best serve the purpose of fire detection. This course requires no pre-requisites and should be used as the first course for anyone wanting to start in the Fire Detection Industry.

FREE self paced learning! This course covers the steps of installing the ZP1 range of Fire Detection Panels and associated sounder and detection hardware. The trainee will be taken through several modules utilising video and presentation material. At the end of each module the trainee will be given an on-line assessment which will unlock the next section.

At the end of the course there will be a final assessment establishing the trainee has learned all essential aspects to installing a conventional fire detection system. Course Information

SAQCC logoSupplier Training 1 certified*

*requires attendance of practical assessment.


The Aritech FP1200/2000 panels are no longer made, but as the life span of fire panels often exceeds 10 years, there are still quite a few working installations.

This course is the manufacturers training material intended as assistance for technicians who need to maintain or service these panels.

These panels worked with Series 2000 devices and XP95/Series 900 devices, before beginning any work on these panels it's critical to know which devices your particular panel is using.

Wireless Fire Detection is an excellent technology that can go where traditional cabling cannot reach.  Versatile and easy to install it can make all the difference in getting a viable solution.

This course takes the format of sections including demonstration videos and multiple choice assessments covering the various wireless devices and how to connect them to the radio hub or RLM.

The assessments are at each section of the course and at the end of the overall course. Points are awarded for all assessments within the course with the pass mark being a accumulation of all the various assessments.

An overall pass mark of 80% required.